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Deacon blues

This is the night
Of the expanding the man
I take one last drag
As I approach the stand

Its one of those days…


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Point him/her to this video

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The Kuthu Effect

I was in a sema Tamizh mood today. Was doing all things tamizh. Read Dina Thandi online, cooked sambhar and have been listening to all the new song releases. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of listening to a rocking ‘kuthu’ song, and Yuvan has come up with an out of the world remix of the classic ‘Vethalaya Pottendi’ for the Ajith version of Billa. It is simply sooper. One of the best kuthu songs I have heard since the retirement(?) of our very own Thenisai Thenral Deva. It is even better than the original version, and yuvan unashamedly repeats the first two lines a zillion times. Konnutta da maapla! But I cannot imagine anyone else other than Rajni chewing the ‘Vethalai’ and swaying his hands suggesting that he is dancing for the song. If you have not listened to it yet, please grab a good headphone, turn up the volume and let it blast. It is pure bliss!

By the way, I am back to blogging…. till my next hiatus! Kidding.

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Gods of Rock

Vir Sanghvi writes about the greatest rock band ever at a time when they have announced a reunion concert in the United Kingdom. In this day and age, where hip hop and baby dolls make a goose out of music lovers, the only saving grace is the occasional appearance of the yesteryear Music Gods in concerts. Last year Deep Purple and Iron Maiden performed in India. And Tull was here before that. And the concerts were a treat. It will be a bit too much to expect Led Zepp to visit India at this stage in their careers, but we always keep hoping for miracles and who knows, I might realise the dream of watching the bad old men live in concert some day!

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