Wake up…

… and sail away from the safe harbour!


Sheet happens!

Overheard at work today:

There are many sheets in this excel file. First sheet reminds us of our responsibilities. Second sheet is the list of tasks to be carried out. Third sheet discusses planning. Fourth sheet is an amalgamation of the first three sheets. The sheets are ok till now. But the stuff gets too heavy fifth sheet onwards. This is too much for the day even for a strong and diligent man like me. I might need to drop those sheets after all.

Seems like a routine project meeting, right. Not when you are bored at work and looking for some entertainment. So just imagine the fun when the speaker missed the stress on the ‘ee’ part of the word ‘sheet’. Happens!

… is my friend’s theme song for the gym. I dismissed it as a two-dimensional illusion.

I Stray VI

Sophisticated software will not work in Kaiyendi Bhavans. It will always return a ‘Server not found’ error!

Revolving Doors…

… get you nowhere, especially when life comes a full circle.

I Stray V

Goundamani: Dei Gearbox thalaya! Two wheeler license kedaikka enna da pannanum?

Senthil: Ettu podanum Nei.

Goundamani: Apdiya. Appo Andhra Meals Hotella license kedaikkanumna Pesar-Ettu podanuma.

Senthil: Ponga Nei. Ettu eppadi ne pesum?


Came across this well written piece in Slate, and could not agree more. I have always been a night owl and have never possessed the ‘good’ habit of getting up early in the morning.

But as an honest consultant, I have a solution that can help all of you night owls, bats and cockroaches kick that nasty habit of sleeping late and waking up late. Move to a country, whose timezone lags yours by the offset needed by you. For example, if you are used to waking up at 10am and want to get up at 6.30am, get a job in a country in which the time is 3.5 hrs behind yours. Simple, no!

I am in Italy and I find that I have been able to wake up really early in the morning. I also sleep at 11pm local time, since I usually find it hard to get sleep before 2am when I am in India. So all of you Indians who want to wake up early, please come to Italy.

But the disclaimer here is that you should cleverly manipulate your body’s biological clock in such a way that you never get used to the local time. If that happens, then we are back to square one again, and I see that I am gradually getting there. Not as simple as we thought.

So the moral is to solve a problem, a consultant who is honest alone wont do, he should be good too. But can a good consultant be honest? Doesnt it go against the grains? Am sleepy now. Go figure!