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The Federer-Nadal final yesterday was fantastic. An evenly contested match after ages on Tennis’ greatest stage. Federer, the champion, deserved to win, and so did Nadal. The past meetings between the two players have, more often than not, been boring one-sided affairs, which made us think if a pillow fight will provide better viewing interest. It was not the case yesterday. Moreover, we also got to see a little bit of serve and volley, and it made me happy. I like this guy Nadal. I really do. He is a real fighter, has no false airs about him and has tremendously improved his grass court game – it takes some doing. He also has a very nice blog.


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“Five or Six years back, during the Wimbledon Finals, the grass near the net and the baseline used to turn brown, due to the constant serve and volley from the players. Its not the case nowadays. The netside grass is lush green after a full 2 weeks”

That was Vijay Amritraj, while commenting for Star Sports during yesterday’s final. Spot on. Wimbledon is the number one Grand Slam, because of many reasons. Disciplined crowd, rich tradition, players in whites and the picturesque grass courts. But the most important element which was the fast paced serve and volley game, is in real danger of becoming extinct from the game. The real joy of watching greats like Rod Laver (in archives), McEnroe, Becker, Edberg and Sampras is totally taken away. Even Federer, who initially started out as a serve and volley player has changed his game. Day in and day out, we are treated to the players marauding the hell out of the tennis ball from the baseline, till one of them gets bored or pulls up his arm. This is just not Grass Court Tennis, really!

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