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Superstar packs a punch, as usual. But the plot is not so ‘koo’l.

During the late 70s, when Rajnikanth made his mark as a hero in Tamizh cinema, his movies were usually ones which had a very powerful story and relied on Rajni’s acting prowess, which I believe is tremendously under-utilized till date.

Then in the early 80s, Billa happened, and everything about Rajni changed forever. He became a style icon and almost every single movie in the post Billa era, except Thalapathi, has relied on his style and ‘punch’ dialogues. Rajni is simply superb in most of them and has grown into India’s biggest superstar.

Shankar wanted to strike a balance between style and substance in Sivaji and miserably fails. Sivaji will be a blockbuster, because of one reason – Rajnikanth. The irrepresible veteran has carried the movie on his shoulders and quite obviously succeeds, especially as ‘Mottai’ Boss.

But Shankar’s formula does not work for me. The constant switching of the plot from the hero-heroine romance to the hero-villain tussle in the first half is painful. Its almost like bits and pieces shot randomly and strung together. Vivek does himself and the audience a real favour by excelling and that is something to write home about in the first half. At the interval, Sivaji is left with a one rupee coin. He is totally deprived of everything else and as usual, vows to get even on Suman. When the second half begins, Sivaji outsmarts Suman and forces him to agree giving 100 crores back to him. The vaazhakkaai bajji scene oozes style and Rajni rocks. Things seem to get interesting. Then, when you least expect it, the scene cuts back to Shriya, who manages to churn out one stupid reason after the other to turn down Sivaji’s love for her. Then she waves her davani to stop a local train from running over Sivaji. Love blossoms. Duet song. ‘Ponnunga ellaaam endirichu dham katta poittaanga’. One opulent set after another for the song sequences start getting a bit claustrophobic.

Rahman has kept up his near perfect record of coming up with average music albums for Rajni movies. Sivaji’s music is just about ok. And I am not comparing this with a ‘Dil Se’ or ‘Roja’. Anything to the levels of the SJ.Suryah’s ‘Ah-Aah’ would have rocked. Rajni deserves better than ‘Balleilakka’.

KV Anand’s camera and Thotta Tharani’s sets show a lot of hard work. Manish Malhotra has come up with some wonderful trendy stuff for the superstar. Special mention should go to the hair stylist and make up man for making Rajni look 30 years younger.

Overall, as Siva, said after the movie 1+1+1 does not always make 3. In this case the sum comes to 1.75. Rajni – 1, Rahman – 0.5 and Shankar – 0.25.

Karuthu Kandasamy’s comment: “Shankar saar! Engala vechu onnum comedy keemedy pannaliye!”

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President APJ Abdul Kalam made it clear that he does not want to re-contest in the upcoming Presidential elections. But power politics does not work that way in India. The third front have made sure that his name has been dragged in, whether he likes it or not. We all grew up with the knowledge that the Presidents have limited powers in India. But no one would have expected it to be brought down to such farcical proportions. News filtering in says that Kalam has refused the third front’s proposal. But will someone listen to the President of India? I have my doubts.

CNN-IBN’s Editor-in-Chief Rajdeep Sardesai spoke to special guest Karuthu Kandasamy on Face the Nation

RS: Is it fair to drag Abdul Kalam’s name in the election when he has made it clear that he is not interested in a second term?

KK: Aahaa, inda matter Kalam-ukku theriyuma? (Does Kalam know about this?)

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