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Take my breadth away…

… is my friend’s theme song for the gym. I dismissed it as a two-dimensional illusion.


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I Stray VI

Sophisticated software will not work in Kaiyendi Bhavans. It will always return a ‘Server not found’ error!

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I Stray V

Goundamani: Dei Gearbox thalaya! Two wheeler license kedaikka enna da pannanum?

Senthil: Ettu podanum Nei.

Goundamani: Apdiya. Appo Andhra Meals Hotella license kedaikkanumna Pesar-Ettu podanuma.

Senthil: Ponga Nei. Ettu eppadi ne pesum?

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I Stray IV

Chengizkhan’s recent conversation with one of his Indonesian friends, Nic:

Nic: My sister is going through hell ever since her cancer operation last week. She is not allowed to eat anything. No fish, no meat. Only vegetarian food.

Chengizkhan, the Iyer boy, stares.

Nic: Oh, you have been living on that stuff all your life, isnt it?

Chengizkhan, the Iyer boy, nods.

Nic: Are you a cancerian?

Chengizkhan, the Iyer boy, faints.

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I Stray III

Why does Andrew Strauss get confused while filling in the gender column in his application forms?

Coz he belongs to Middlesex!

I’m bored. Well and truly.

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I Stray II

Decipher this:


Hint: It is the starting verse of a ‘Tamizh’ song!

Answer will be updated subsequently on the comments section.

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I Stray

NRIs Panchapeke and his son on a trip to Tamil Nadu to revisit their roots and catch up on Sivaji.

Panchapeke-son: Dad, what does ‘Paalam’ mean?
Panchapeke : It means Bridge in Tamizh.
Panchapeke-son: Doesn’t ‘Surangam’ also stand for Bridge.
Panchapeke : Son, Sunrangam ain’t bridge. It means ‘Subway’.
Panchapeke-son: Ok, get me a foot-long ‘Veggie Delite’ from the Surangam.
Panchapeke : Phew!

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