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Take my breadth away…

… is my friend’s theme song for the gym. I dismissed it as a two-dimensional illusion.


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I Stray VI

Sophisticated software will not work in Kaiyendi Bhavans. It will always return a ‘Server not found’ error!

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Revolving Doors…

… get you nowhere, especially when life comes a full circle.

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I Stray V

Goundamani: Dei Gearbox thalaya! Two wheeler license kedaikka enna da pannanum?

Senthil: Ettu podanum Nei.

Goundamani: Apdiya. Appo Andhra Meals Hotella license kedaikkanumna Pesar-Ettu podanuma.

Senthil: Ponga Nei. Ettu eppadi ne pesum?

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Came across this well written piece in Slate, and could not agree more. I have always been a night owl and have never possessed the ‘good’ habit of getting up early in the morning.

But as an honest consultant, I have a solution that can help all of you night owls, bats and cockroaches kick that nasty habit of sleeping late and waking up late. Move to a country, whose timezone lags yours by the offset needed by you. For example, if you are used to waking up at 10am and want to get up at 6.30am, get a job in a country in which the time is 3.5 hrs behind yours. Simple, no!

I am in Italy and I find that I have been able to wake up really early in the morning. I also sleep at 11pm local time, since I usually find it hard to get sleep before 2am when I am in India. So all of you Indians who want to wake up early, please come to Italy.

But the disclaimer here is that you should cleverly manipulate your body’s biological clock in such a way that you never get used to the local time. If that happens, then we are back to square one again, and I see that I am gradually getting there. Not as simple as we thought.

So the moral is to solve a problem, a consultant who is honest alone wont do, he should be good too. But can a good consultant be honest? Doesnt it go against the grains? Am sleepy now. Go figure!

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That Gmail is now available in most Indian languages is old news. I tried the Tamizh version. The translations are super-duper, which makes the routine of emailing much more fun. If you have not tried gmail in your mother tongue, please do it now. I have been using the Tamizh version for the last 2 weeks and I have no plans to switch back to English anytime soon.

Click on the thumbnail below for a larger image.

My favourite is ‘Thalaippu Illai’ for ‘No subject’. Makes one wonder ‘Ravikkaiyaavadu irukkirada?’

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