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Ponting’s integrity

… is the combined second innings scores of Wasim Jaffer, Yuvraj Singh and Michael Clarke


“There’s no way I grounded that ball. If you’re actually questioning my integrity in the game, then you shouldn’t be standing there.”.

Yeah, right!

Image courtesy: Smoke Signals 


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Spirits of the game

On a day when they were unfairly abused both on and off the fields, the players of the Indian cricket team showed the vast chasm in character between the two teams by walking out to shake hands with a bunch of whining crybabies, led by a temperamental half-wit. In the recent years, the Indian test team has been winning a lot of matches, both at home and abroad. But none of the performances has been as gallant as the loss yesterday. Team India, led by Kumble, displayed balls of steel inspite of being bombarded in all directions by the evil spirits of the game – a group of impotent umpires, a moronic match referee and a gang of immoral opponents, who if this was gully cricket, would have been branded as cheats. Anil Kumble – Take a bow! Your team has made us proud.

On a related note, check out this excellent piece by Greatbong.

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