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Fire in the jelly!

Talk about aggression on the cricket field and Rahul Dravid’s name will not be a favourite to pop up. But according to me, he is one of the most aggressive players that the country has ever produced. Time and again he proves that one need not resort to ugly scum spitting in the name of being aggressive.
Sample this, while commenting on Zaheer Khan’s jelly bean incident:

“If he’s going to perform like this, can we please get him upset after every game! I’ve never seen him as fired up. He came into the dressing-room really keyed up, so please, if you’re going to upset our boys, and they’re going to perform like this, I’ll be more than happy.”

No sledging. No swearing. Just a gentle needle to further the embarrassment of the Poms.

PS: Even Anil Kumble falls into the same league. True gentlemen alright, but aggressive ones too!


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Dutt’s the way

IMHO, all this noise about the judgement meted out to Sanjay Dutt being unfair is, well, just noise. The fact is that he carried arms and if he claims that it was for his protection (yeah, right), then he should have taken prior permission. And if he was not a celebrity, he would have been behind bars a long time ago with a much more severe punishment.

Sanjay Dutt has some good qualities as an actor and might be a much more sober and reformed person now. But if he had been acquitted, it would have set a terrible precedent, since his has been one of the cases with better clarity. Till he walks out free, which I think will be much sooner than the remaining 4.5 years as he is expected to behave well in jail, folks should be satisfied with this version.

As I write about this, Madani has been acquitted from the Coimbatore serial blasts case. Huh!

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