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Handpicked #5

CCR’s cover of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ ‘I put a spell on you’.


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There is still hope left in Hindi film music. There is someone other than AR Rahman to provide quality. Pritam reminds us with his latest offering ‘Life in a Metro‘ that he definitely has it in him to make it big. Amidst all the mindless crap churned out in the name of music, here comes a wonderful album, one which can be truly stated as different. ‘In Dino’ is my favourite, and all the other songs are immensely listen-able. Pritam, Take a bow!

Anu Malik, Himesh and the likes – Take a piss!

Now, an old innocent mokkai – PJ, for the uninitiated – for the benefit of humanity (courtesy Dinesh).

Once 24 Ants went for swimming. An elephant came there for taking bath. When he jumped into the river 23 of the ants were thrown to the bank. The remaining warrior found himself displaced to the head of the elephant. Then all the 23 Ants shouted….. “AVANA AMUKKI KOLLUDA” mapla!

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Handpicked #4

Led Zeppelin’s version of ‘When the Levee breaks’.

When God plays the Guitar…

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