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It was 8 pm on a Friday evening. He was standing on the edge of the open terrace of his office building. It was a thirteen floor buliding overlooking a busy street. He saw the vehicles speeding away on the road below. ‘Mean streets’! Rain was coming down in small drops. He had always loved the rain. But not today. He was planning to jump off from the altitude. He was sick of the people, the objects, the emotions associated with them and particularly, of himself. He thought about the triviality of the world around him, and the thought made him to allow himself a wry smile.

Anyone may be forgiven. But not those who lack the courage of their own greatness. Not me. I was not born to be a second-hander. What have I done to myself? I do not deserve forgiveness. And I do not believe in any person other than me forgiving myself. I love myself. I have always done and I have always lived for myself. But why is my thought process diametrically opposite to that of the world. Why does each and every route, every concept, every opinion in this damn world always lead to sacrifice and love for others. Doesn’t this give the impression of every person in the world being a bootlicking sucker.

Thoughts crowded his brain, and he was unable to take it any more. Over the last few minutes, he had developed a severe headache and the pain was excruciating. He was unable to take it anymore. he had to put a full stop to the nonsense. he had to take the next step. He moved ahead, he stumbled a little, but he was ok. It was over quickly, suddenly he felt light and feather-like. He was sinking, out of this demented world.

Ram woke up with a jerk on his bed. He had sweat beads across his forehead. He felt exhausted. He searched for his alarm clock to check the time. It was 3am in the morning. ‘What a nightmare’! He reached for a the waterjug and poured it into the glass beside it. He drifted back to sleep after sometime. He did not want to think about the dream again. ‘What if it was true….’


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TR the great

Pure joy!

Understanding Tamil is not mandatory for enjoying this masterpiece. Just that knowing the language multiplies the humour.

More fun can be found here

PS: I have become a Chitti Babu fan after watching this.

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The Thiru-Thani story

Thanigaachalam was standing before the mirror in the Men’s Restroom at his office. He splashed water on his face. He felt the cold drops streaming down his face. He smirked at the satire of the later half of his name sounding like jalam, which meant water in his mother tongue. The wrinkles that he had recently developed were a clear sign of the stress he had been under. He thought about everyting – the torrid time he had been having under his rude manager, Thirumoorthy. Its been 4 full years, he thought. He had worked his heart out without rewards. “Attention to details is missing” would be the standard remark from his manager. I deserved more, he thought. I always did. He instinctively wanted to break the glass in the mirror. But the thought of the last hour stopped him. He felt happy.

There was a vacancy for a position that matched his profile in a competitor’s organization. He had seen the ad in the jobs section of “The Daily Siren”, the local newspaper and had hurriedly applied for it. He made the job quite easily. The new location was closer to his home, saving him a full 4 km travel daily and the rise in salary was highly appreciable. Everything is going to end. No more invidious remarks from the manager. He took out paper napkins from the dispenser nearby to clean his face.

Thanigaachalam entered the posh building of his new organization. The relieving process in his old firm was surprisingly smooth. He was surprised when Thirumoorthy offered minimal resistance in releasing him. “The fact that he does not like me made it easier” he thought to himself. He spoke with the receptionist who guided him to the 7th floor to meet his new manager and team. He could feel the anticipation brimming inside him. He had never felt better. He took the elevator and walked up the floor briskly and asked the security “Where is the cabin of Manager, Operations”. “Fourth one on the left saar”. He located it and was surprised to see no Name plate on the cabin door. “Strange” he thought. On stepping inside, Thanigaachalam almost fainted. There he was, Thirumoorthy in all his glory.

“Welcome Thani. It is great to see you here.” Thiru smiled
“Sir, How come you are here?” Thani blurted out
“I am Manager, Operations for this company Thani. I joined yesterday. There was an ad on The Daily Siren which directed me here. I wanted to keep it a secret from you since I wanted to give you a surprise. I am very happy and consider myself fortunate to get to work with someone I know already. Isn’t it?”
“Err. Yes sir. Me too”
“You look so tired. I think you can do with some water. By the way, did you also make the job through the ad on The Daily Siren. I saw a vacancy for your position right above mine”
Thanigaachalam remembered water and jalam, but was not amused. “If only I had read the contents of the ad properly. Attention to details” he thought.

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