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Cicking, typing, computer sounds, and some machine thts blowing wind, perhaps an air conditioner, 054. – Track01.mp3 playing on winamp catering to my ears through my headphones, every once in a while I hum softly, and then I realise that I am in the office and suppress the singer in me, the rumbling sound my tummy makes when its 1 pm, a group of guys chatting on their way to the pantry, the photocopier humming, phone ringing, the girl sitting in my opposite cubicle describing to three other females, listening in rapt attention, on how she manages to have a good eye brow done every single time, and then one of them screams as if she has just discovered Columbus himself, my neighbour struggling with his chewing gum chup chup chup, folks logging into the meeting place for a conference, the voices in my head, the sound of my hair growing (yeah, am concentrating real hard) and the sound of silence… Now save me, I am going insane…


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Its time to wake up

I wake up in the morning at 6 o clock, take a quick refresh and off to the gym at my office, workout for an hour, go to the recreation area, play pool for sometime, come back, take bath, have breakfast and then leave to office. This is the Plan of Action everyday.. But how many days start off as planned??? When my cellphone tries to wake me up at 6 thrrough its irritating alarm, the number of times it has succeeded can be counted by fingers. My roommates try to kick my ass and wake me up (on days when they manage to wake up) and thankfully they succeed 50% of the time. But on other days, its me and my beauty sleep till 8 am… But hey, I am still workin on it………..

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Life is bugging, but….

Ever wondered how – if you work in software development – your life and thoughts are filled with bugs. They are there everywhere, hidden inside every piece of the Goddamn code, making life difficult for everyone. To bug is to pester or to annoy. So technically bugs get their name from that little insect or microorganism which infects human beings and animals causing that irritating disease. Software bugs are in no way less threatening than their biological counterparts. While the biological ones drive down ones’ physical energy levels, the software bugs make life a living hell for the person who develops the software, the one who tests it and last but not the least the user himself… Imagine a world without bugs, so peaceful and serene… There would be no time wasted in solving those and it would spare many a broken heads and punctured noses. But hey, will we still be able to retain our jobs if there are zero bugs??? On second thought, the answer is a ‘No’… So maybe bugs drive employment in the country and they help me earn a living.. They aint too bad after all…….

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Do you enjoy solitude?? If you aint sure yet, its high time you took a decision on this.. Ok, I’ll cut the crap and jump to my topic. This is Part II of my previous post. There are moments in life when we want to just stop, take a deep breath, run away from the maddening crowd and be alone all by ourselves. Just me and myself. Its definitely a wonderful experience and it helps out in straightening quite a few things out.

But in our routine, we hardly find time and a place where we can be all by ourself, without anyone interfereing and self evaluate, except maybe the toilet commode.. So next time you wanna make that difficult decision, where do I see you heading to???

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Genesis of a Decision maker

Decision making is the cognitive process of selecting a course of action from among multiple alternatives. Every decision-making process produces a final choice. This is how Wikipidea defines the process of decision making, considered by many management gurus as the most important criteria to judge a manager. The importance of decision making holds true even in our everyday life, ranging from deciding on what to eat to which career to choose and what to study. Its all about making the right decisions at the right time. Another important aspect that should be taken into account is the interdependence of this ability with other factors like confidence, courage and self belief. It is said that Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others. So it becomes imperative for us to be courageous to be able to make decisions. And decision making is all about believing in yourself. As Henry Ford smartly puts it ” Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”. Yes, so we just need to make a beginning somewhere. After all, it is not as difficult as it seems to be…..

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Yep!! Its me..

Hey!!! I am here, finally… This is my second blog. I never used to update the previous one because of one simple reason. I was just tooo lazy. I intend to be more active this time around. Lets see how it goes…………..

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